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  16th July 2016

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Please don't forget to place your seed orders with David and Mary Evans.

OAA get a special deal with Kings that gives great value for money to you and in addition recompense the Association that contributes to our finances considerably.

Orders for 2017 will be taken later this year, have a look at the catalogue that will be sent to you with your annual subscription letter and place your order.

Don't hesitate to contact David or Mary with any queries on 01959 523701.

Work parties start 28th March - please do come along and support!

Meet us in the car park at 9.30am, with gloves and gardening tools.

Next work party - 25th June.

This years open day will be on Saturday the 16th of July. As with other years we will be holding the annual scarecrow competition,
asking the public to vote on their favourite. So please make sure your entry is on your plot by the 15th.

NEW for this year is the introduction for a competition for children. The competition to anyone connected with the plot holder ie, grand childern,
nieces, nephews, sons and daughters etc.

The Theme is *creatures*  so make anything you like out of vegetables as large or small as you like. There will be a table in the car park so please
bring your entries on a tray with your name. The general public with choose their favourite.

For pictures of the 2015 morning click here.

The AGM will take place 1st October, 9.30 am at the Methodist Hall Otford.

Work has started in earnest on our Nature Area, and there are some signs up explaining what is happening in the various sections.

We have started a new project in mill meadow allotments -we are have planted a traditional Kent Cobnut Platt in an over shadowed allotment area.

If you are interested in supporting this or would like further information, please contact Mary Bassendine

Why not have a look at our Nature Area Survey -an amazing tally for such a small area!

A less welcome visitor has been spotted by one of our members - a Harlequin Ladybird. Whilst these are very good at consuming aphids, they pose a threat to our native ladybird -

you can find out more by visiting www.harlequin-survey.org.

There is a very interesting gardening website at www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/digin , and also at www.rhs.org.uk- why not give them a try?

Just a little reminder to those of you who walk through with dogs - they MUST be kept on a lead, & if they do forget their manners whilst they are on site, there is a bin to

dispose of waste just by the gate to the recreation ground. Please do also keep children under very close supervision at all times, for everyone's safety - Thank You!


We are looking for volunteers to help with requests for a little extra help on individual plots if you are able to give up half an hour three times a year to help other plot holders.

Please contact Andy barber. As soon as we have enough support a further update will be posted here as to when the scheme

goes live and how you can access the service.

A great success at the fete again last year....the human fruit machine was well received.
Thank you for all of the support.

We will be supporting the fete again in 2016, if you can support us either on manning the stall or human fruit machine or by donating some plants please do!
If you need further information, please contact us.