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The Otford Society is a non-profit making organisation whose members are the residents of Otford, a Kent village on the river Darent two miles north of Sevenoaks and twenty-five miles south-east of London. Its purpose is to preserve, as far as possible, all aspects of Otford’s character and village life. Recently relaunched with a new team of trustees, the Society works independently but in tandem with the Otford Parish Council. Its objectives include promoting the welfare, happiness and harmony of our community; helping preserve the fabric of our heritage buildings; maintaining and retaining the individuality of our village and its countryside; protecting our countryside from unwanted or insensitive development; and supporting retail, hospitality and mico-businesses operating within the village.
We may be a small community but we have a big voice.

Otford Road Friends

Do remember that Otford Road Friends network is still active and able to assist people who need a little extra help during lockdown, for example with collecting prescriptions or a little shopping. If you or anyone you know needs assistance, contact your local Road Friend. If you're unsure of who your local Road Friend is you can email


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The first issue of the Otford Village Voice, packed with news about current and future projects and issues of concern to our community, was about to go to the printers. However given that we’re now in lockdown for the foreseeable future, delivery of paper copies to residents’ homes is no longer an option. We are therefore encouraging everyone to register their email addresses with us so they can be sent Otford Society news digitally. AND IF YOU DO, your name will go into a PRIZE DRAW with a chance to win a generous gift voucher to spend in the village when shops reopen. Please go to and complete the form. Be assured that your data will be held securely and not passed to any third party.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, just email us at and let us know.

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About Otford
People have lived in the area for at least three thousand years; a Bronze-age urn was found in Greenhill Road in 1970, and there have been many Iron-age and Roman finds. The name Otford seems to have been used as early as 800AD and may be associated with the battle that Offa, King of Mercia, fought in the district against the Kentishmen about the year 776. The name Offa could have been corrupted to Ottenford and then to Otford. Some hundreds of years later a Canterbury scribe endorsed one of the king’s charters of 790: "The same Offa gave to the church of Christ in Canterbury a vill name Oteford". The Pilgrims Way passes through the village and its centre is the duck pond, which is unique in being designated a listed building.

The village has always centred around the church, the first stone church being built between 1050 and 1080, and the Bishop’s Palace. St. Bartholomew’s Church much added to and altered down the years is steeped in history. Part of the original 11th century wall is still to be seen. Otford Palace was one of the residences of the Archbishop of Canterbury from the ninth century until Henry VIII forced Archbishop Cranmer to relinquish it to the Crown. In the early sixteenth century Archbishop Warham built the Palace in size and splendour to rival Hampton Court. Sadly only one part of the gate house remains but it is thought provoking to gaze at brickwork and think that Henry Tudor did the same.

There are many interesting private dwellings in Otford such as Pickmoss in the High Street and Broughton Manor. Descriptions of these can be found in a leaflet published by The Otford Society, which is on sale at the library and many local shops at 30p. The Society also provides leaflets on two pleasant walks from Otford free car park at the same price.

31 March: Spring Photo Competition winner
Otford Pond at DawnWe are delighted to announce that Maria Assia has been chosen as the winner of our Winter Photographic Competition. more

24 March: Otford Easter Chick Chase
Mummy chick on the pondMummy Duck is on the pond, but her chicks are hiding: along the High Street, beside the footpath that runs past the Palace, and even in some shop windows...

14 March 2021: National Day of Reflection
National Day of ReflectionThe Otford Society is supporting the National Day of Reflection to mark the anniversary of the UK's first Covid lockdown. more

1 March 2021: Spring Photo Competition - Hidden Gems in Otford
Spring in OtfordIt's time to think about SPRING, and the green shoots that are beginning to appear on plants and trees around our village - get your cameras out! more

Broken 30 mph sign3 February 2021: 20 mph at last for Otford?
As well as 20mph speed limits in parts of the village, the Otford Traffic Calming Scheme includes physical traffic calming measures such as speed tables, road narrowing, a pavement extension for the Pickmoss step and new and clearer crossing area. more

Foot crossing near Otford station12 January 2021: A bridge too far?
Network Rail plan to replace the level crossing south of Otford Station with a high footbridge. The Otford Society has opposed this in the past, and asks for your support now. There has never been an accident on the crossing, but the 64 steps of the proposed bridge pose an accident risk to the very young and the elderly. more

Heritage website22 December 2020: Otford Heritage Village, a new website
A fantastic new website has just been launched as part of the Heritage Otford project ... more

Winners21 December 2020: Best Dressed Tree Competition
We are delighted to announce that four of the trees donated by the Otford Society particularly caught the judges’ eyes... more

Bells20 December 2020: Christmas Eve doorstep jingle.
Let's all stand on our doorsteps, ring bells and sing a carol to celebrate our community and thank all those who've helped us through this difficult year... more

Christmas tree4 December 2020: The Otford Society brings Christmas spirit to our village.
As we emerge from lockdown into Tier 3 we're delighted to announce that the Otford Society  has donated Christmas trees to every shop in the village ... more

Snow Dome4 December 2020: Snow Dome Trail
There are twenty festive snow dome posters in Otford shops, each  one featuring a different animal silhouette... more

New Otford Society logo24 August 2020: The Otford Society is relaunched!
The Otford Society has been relaunched with a new team of trustees and we are working on a number of projects... more

The Otford Society 2021
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